July 6, 2020

The Dupont Building Architecture: A Design for the Decades

Dating back to 1908, this 950,000 sq. ft. mixed-use complex was one of the first high-rises built in Wilmington, Delaware. The Dupont Building, now home to 101 dupont place, was commissioned by Pierre S. du Pont and debuted in 1913 as a showcase hotel named Hotel Dupont. It rivaled even the finest hotels and restaurants of Europe and New York City. It was designed in an Italian Renaissance architectural style. 

On the outside, the building looks seamless, but it was actually built in six sections over a generation, going through many phases from the original Italian Renaissance style to gaining modern influences. An instance of this continuous transformation is that the exterior used to feature terra-cotta ornamentation and detailed balconies, surrounding the four sides of the building that were removed in May 1957, when minimalistic style started to take effect and the wars influenced safer buildings rather than decorative ones.

The original lobby in 1913 was referred to as a “marble palace”. From floor to ceiling, the room was covered in marble from the walls to the front desk, with a mosaic tiling floor and a grand chandelier with wrought iron details. The new lobby created in 1919 was made with travertine stone walls, rich Italian walnut grand doors, and hand-carved plaster ornamental ceilings with colors of teal, gold, and vermilion

The ballrooms had large arched windows, designed so automobiles can be brought through them for auto-shows. The building was full of mirrored doors and ornate ceilings, just exuding a feeling of grandeur.

Today, the Dupont Building is an icon in Delaware and can be referred to as a city within four walls. Home to 101 dupont place, Hotel Dupont, Chemors Worldwide Headquarters, The Playhouse on Rodney Square, Le Cavalier at The Green Room, DECO Food Hall, and Currie Salon & Spa, and M&T Bank, residents have everything they need to elevate their lifestyle right outside their doorstep.

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